DappaTM  Hair Shapers

The concept for DappaTM Hair Shapers started with the need to make hair accessories for natural hair styling. Highly textured hair has unique physical structure. The tight helical structure keeps the hair coiled up on the head. The idea is to create hair shapers for styling hair to stay up on the head like a crown as nature intended. Hence, our slogan: “wear your hair like a crown”.

DappaTM Hair Shapers can actually be used for styling of all hair types; straight, curly and coily. There are a variety of shapes available for formal and informal styles.

Hair Shapers makes it possible to sculpt and shape the hair without changing the texture of the hair.

DappaTM Hair Shapers give volume without the need for hair extensions.



TexturemateTM is developed to aid natural hair grooming. It makes highly textured hair soft and easy to style.


DappaTM Hair Oil

DappaTM Hair oil is a blend of natural oils to give luster and sheen.